The battle has yet to begin but WizKids is excited to announce the next two factions joining the quest for goods and glory in DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Onslaught: Red Wizards and Many Arrows! Both are powerful factions from the Forgotten Realms with their sights set on claiming victory at all cost in February 2023.   

The Red Wizards faction pack expands your game with a nefarious and scheming faction of powerful spellcasters and their martial allies. Take advantage of a host of potent character abilities, including summoning minions such as skeletons and ferocious shadowy hounds to aid in battle

Many Arrows is an aggressive and hard-hitting faction comprised of Orc warriors and their allies! These fierce warriors specialize in Rooting and Slowing their foes to keep enemy factions away from vital objects and in reach of powerful short-ranged attacks.

Both the Many Arrows and Red Wizards faction packs will be available in stores and on in February 2023. The new faction packs along with the Core Set can be pre-ordered today at your local game store or online. Which faction will you choose?

Contents of Faction Packs: 

  • 6 highly-detailed, pre-painted miniatures
  • 6 Combat Dial Cards
  • 12 Level Up Cards
  • 2 faction dice
  • gameplay tokens
  • rules sheet
Players can pre-order the new faction packs at their local game store or online!

Please note that the release date for the initial launch of the DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Onslaught Core Set has been moved to January 2023.

However, players should be on the lookout this fall for opportunities to preview and demo the game at their friendly local game store to get ready before the real quest begins!

Along with the Onslaught Core Set players will have opportunities for in-store play immediately after the initial Core Set release with the Launch OP Kit releasing in January of 2023.

This kit will contain everything needed for intense head-to-head battles to celebrate the release of DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Onslaught, with prizes including exclusive foil cards and premium pre-painted Mimic miniatures – no promises they won’t bite!

Players should reach out to their local game store for more information about in-store events and play as launch approaches!