Red Wizards

The Red Wizards Faction Pack expands your games of D&D Onslaught with a scheming and nefarious faction comprised of powerful spell casters and their martial allies. The Red Wizards have a number of characters capable of summoning minions like skeletons and shadowy hounds to their aid. Summoned creatures are represented by tokens, but could also be represented with miniatures bought separately from WizKids’ D&D miniature lines.

Faction Packs are a perfect entry point to start collecting a new faction that will be supported with additional characters and content in the future. You can choose this faction in place of one of the two factions included in the Core Set.


  • 6 highly-detailed, pre-painted miniatures
  • 6 Combat Dial Cards
  • 12 Level Up Cards
  • 2 Red Wizards faction dice
  • gameplay tokens
  • rules sheet

MSRP: 89704

SKU: $59.99


Proxy List

Though Dungeons & Dragons: Onslaught comes with a great selection of pre-painted miniatures to represent the game’s heroes (and monsters), players can customize their adventuring parties by using other miniatures from WizKids pre-painted and unpainted RPG miniature lines!

Click below to see the range of officially compatible (and tournament-legal) figure options for each character – customize your party and bring a team to the table that is totally unique to you!