We are thrilled to announce our Onslaught events at GenCon 2023 in Indianapolis, IN!

No matter what path you choose, you’ll go home with some fun prizes!

Check out all of the events below and their respective prizes.

Learn to Play – Free

New to the game? Stop by Baldman Booth #2801 for a short demo of Dungeons & Dragons Onslaught!


  • Kobold Foil Promo Card (Special Foil version of the Kobold Card that comes in the Onslaught Core Set)

To the Death Scenario Play – $16

For more experienced players, you can join us in Griffin Hall in the JW Marriott to face off against the fearsome Death Knights!


  • 1 pack of D&D Nolzur’s Marvelous Miniatures: Death Knights
  • 2 copies of the Death Knight foil promo card
  • 1 printed copy of the To the Death secnario

Roll to Win:

  • Kobold Skeleton Promo (4 figures)
  • Kobold Foil Promo Card (Special foil version of the card that comes with the Onslaught Core Set)

GenCon Championship Qualifiers – $30

Think you have what it takes to be the ultimate victor? Join our tournament qualifiers on Thursday, Friday and Saturday in the JW Marriott.


  • Gnoll Foil Card (Special foil version of the card that comes in the Onslaught Core Set)
  • Kobold Foil Card (Special foil version of the card that comes in the Onslaught Core Set)
  • Kobold Skeleton Promo (4 figures)

Top 8:

  • Loot Goblin Mini
  • Loot Goblin Foil Card

Top 4:

  • One set of special edition faction dice

Top 2:

  • Mimic Mini
  • Mimic Foil Card

Top 1:

  • Treasure Foil Card set
  • $25 dndmini.com Gift Card

GenCon Championship – Invitation Only

The top 16 players who qualify throughout the weekend are invited to face off to see who will be crowned the first Onslaught GenCon Champion!


  • Dralm Mini (Alt deco version of Dralm the Tortle Fighter from the Sellswords expansion)

Top 8:

  • Gold Treasure Chest

Top 4:

  • Pro-painted Monster Mini
  • $25 dndmini.com Gift Card

Top 2:

  • Pro-painted Young Black Dragon Mini
  • $50 dndmini.com Gift Card


  • GenCon 2023 Championship Trophy
  • $100 dndmini.com Gift Card